Suicide Song – Drown by Water

Suicide rates increased over 36% in the last 5 years, and for young adults it has quadrupled over the last 10 years. There were more than 47,000 suicides recorded in 2021 in the United States.

There are an estimated 7200 suicide prevention websites that can found on search engines, most dedicated to “creating awareness,” suicide prevention hotlines, treatment/therapy, medications, each listing the same links for help to and from each other.

Over 97% of these websites focus on fund raising to “raise awareness” about depression and suicide.

Some people actually make a living by establishing a 501 charity (using “suicide prevention”) and “creating awareness” through silly events they conjure up, which contribute nothing to the solution to the misery and pain of people suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts.

For instance, you can attend a Gala Event, drink champaign and purchase expensive tennis shoes and help people who want to kill themselves, by attending something like this:

Because of this world we live in (video above) is it any wonder why people in today’s society want to kill themselves more than ever before?

I researched two very popular websites for people who “want to commit suicide.”

One is the website where people encourage each other to commit suicide, daring people to upload their live suicides, and enjoying this as cheap entertainment, and all of this is legal on the internet.

(Strange, nothing like this existed in my time 1960s-1980s.)

The other suicide website is a place where people go to tell people this is their “last week, day, and moment” before they decide to “do it.”

This site is where people post their dying words, there are literally 1000s of “views” on these people’s “last days,” and although there are thousands views on each of these people’s sad thoughts, there are actually only 2 or 3 comments left by other people, most who say things like, “wish you the best” and “a gun may be too messy,” and offer help such as how to put a blanket over your head so you don’t mess up the living room with blood.

This is the world we live in. This is why people commit suicide.

One person put up a “contest” and said, “post only one word why you want to kill yourself.”

I read many pages, taking down notes; the most common reason was one word that was repeated the most, “people.”

I am well aware of “people” and why someone would want to kill themselves “because of people.”

I was suicidal, I tried to hang myself, knife myself in the throat, jump down 15 sets of steps down the stairs, put a gun to my head.

I was never suicidal in my life for 60 years; my suicide attempts, which lasted throughout 4-years, were due to a media outlet and a journalist who destroyed my reputation, my work and my mission, and created a mock/hate campaign against me; the insults and abuse from people reawakened a traumatic experience (I was raped when I was 14) which never had affected me before.

But forget me right now, I want to help you, I am going to show you how to get rid of your suicidal thoughts.

There are no links to suicide prevention hotlines, therapy, etc, here, just a video and some more coming, but I am going to help you, because I am going to give it to you straight.

What I have seen first hand (regarding suicide) from people such as one of my best friends, Gerry Georgettis, and a wonderful man my wife and I met, who weeks after killed himself, these people were actually “full of life” and seemed to be “living amongst the dead.”

That term just hit you, didn’t it?

You need truth.

In the music video “Drown by Water,”  as you can see, there are people surviving from garbage, what kind of life is that?

Why would you want to kill yourself when you have the ability to help these people?

You see, self-pity can make you into a “nothing” allowing the world to get to your inner being.

That inner you, the real you, is what makes you really beautiful…, inside…, and if you feel you are not, you can simply change it, it is not that difficult and don’t let them lie to you.

When you see the suffering of humanity, what do you feel?

Can you not see another’s pain and misery? Are you aware that over 85% of this planet we live on is living in poverty and suffering immensely.

It took me some years to heal, but how I did it was to not think about myself, and to ”think of others.”

On the tab that says “help,” that is for you.

On that page there is a link to a semi – unknown underground website that has many film documentaries, ones that you would never imagine ever finding, because if you may have noticed, in the last 10 years, even in YouTube, when trying to search for landmine victims, or starvation, or any serious topic, is now buried underneath mounds of automated algorithms, to make sure that you only see simple-minded entertainment, full of ignorance, stupidity, and negativity.

No wonder so many people are half dead, desensitized, depressed and sinking into oblivion.

But by watching anyone of these stories on culture-unplugged, you can “adopt a cause.”

That is your cure; by preoccupying yourself with someone else’s pain and misery, not only will you forget your own, but you will realize that your life does really have purpose and meaning, and you will develop self respect and love for your soul and spirit.

This is a website my wife, Anais, and I created, it is called “Cracks”; it’s in support and fighting for the wrongly convicted prisoners in this nation; there are an estimated 46,000- 235,000 innocent people locked up in prison, think about it.

Do you think they need your help?

How about people like the children and family in the “Drown By Water” video you watched?

Do they need help, do they need your help?

It is not so much that you “succeed,” it is that you “try,” and try your best for someone else, and that is it; there lies what no medications, pills, therapy, and endless phone calls, can give you; meaning and purpose.

You will find peace and happiness in a fulfilling life of “doing for others.”

Moving from self-centered to more selfless, developing empathy and compassion will not only enrich your life and empower you, but it will enlighten you and help you feel more and more your true self.

Watch the thousands of stories on the Culture Unplugged, look up the links, the names; there are families starving that need “1 cow” to make a living so they can live a simple life with dignity, just as simple as that, you can give “life.”

There is no need to die, no use in dying, too many people need you right now around the world; they are hungry, cold, destitute, some abandoned by their own parents in the streets, where the mentally handicapped are left like leapers to beg for food.

Live by loving others, not just family or friends, but by loving people you will never, ever, meet.

Write us or leave a comment, let us know how you are doing.

If I can overcome, you can overcome also.

Believe me, you can and you will overcome.

Billy and Anais

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